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S.No Document Name Date Added Download
1 List of Convicted cases during Camp Court dated:26.04.2024. 27-04-2024 Download
2 Presiding Officer Muhammad Asif Khan, District & Sessions Judge, Nowshera is on Casual Leave on 17.04.2024. 17-04-2024 Download
3 EID-UL-FITAR VACATIONS 2024 10-04-2024 Download
4 MOD FOR EID-UL-FITAR 2024 10-04-2024 Download
5 Presiding Officer Mrs. Sania Kiran, Civil Judge-VIII, Nowshera is on Casual Leave from 29.02.2024 to 04.03.2024. 29-02-2024 Download
6 Presiding Officer Mrs. Neelum Farooq, Civil Judge-VII, Nowshera is on Casual Leave for today. 29-02-2024 Download
7 Public Holidays declared by the Worthy Peshawar High Court, Peshawar during the calendar year 2024. 02-02-2024 Download
8 Presiding Officer Mrs. Saeeda Akhtar, Senior Civil Judge/ JFC-I, Nowshera is on Casual Leave for today. 02-02-2024 Download
9 HELPING HAND 30-01-2024 Download
10 Presiding Officer Muhammad Tayyib, Addl; District & Sessions Judge-V, Nowshera, Mr. Liaqat Khan Mohmand, JM-I, Pabbi, Mrs. Pawan Waheed Awan, Civil Judge-IV, Nowshera are on Casual Leave for today. 22-01-2024 Download
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